Online 1-on-1 Lesson


Preparing for your online lesson is easy.

Testing the Class Link

You can test the link that was send to your emailadress after you complete the booking.

If you open the link in Google Chrome, it will ask you which Camera and Microphone you want to use.

Select and see if that works for you.

Uploading your files

At least 24 hours before the lesson starts you want to upload the stems of your session. Make sure you put them in a folder with your name and session date/time (example: John Malkovich 5 Dec 4:00pm)

Any additional info and questions can be put in a word file and put in the same folder. This way I can prepare for our lesson so we can use our time efficiently.


During The Lesson

Out of experience, I know you will receive a lot of information. Make sure you can write some of it down.

Have your Headphone on, so we don't create an audio feedback loop via the microphones.

Looking forward to see you in our lesson.